Scalable hybrid meetings and streaming solutions in raw environments

Studie 11

Hold your meeting in the world's largest meetingroom

Studio11 is an integrated part of PAKHUS11, whose raw facilities provides an exciting framework for any virtual meeting, product launch or event.


Studio11 offers a large main stage as well as a smaller section for the more intimate interview or story.

We facilitate all types of hybrid meetings and streaming solutions, where our flexible and modular set-up can be adapted to your specific needs.


The main stage measures L 11 x W 5 meters - to be designed to reflect your corporate identity, concept, and visual narrative.


Our technical solution includes i.e., broadcast camera package, wireless microphones and full TV-studio light and sound package incl. technicians.


Studio11 is located in the largest room of PAKHUS11 comprising 340 m2 and a 9 meters floor-to-ceiling height. Thus, we guarantee that the Covid-19 requirements of the Health Authorities applicable always are complied with.

Studio11 - the ideal choice if you want a professional solution.

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May we host your next hybrid meeting?

Hybrid meetings are here to stay

The opportunity to meet virtual with several participants regardless of their location is here to stay.

Of course, we still need to meet face-to-face, but in many situations the hybrid meetings offer

'too many' benefits - e.g., that time and money are saved, there are no safety or space restrictions and

the preferred keynote speaker, who did not have time, can now participate, as travel time is saved.


As the assembly ban is changing, Studio11 offers the opportunity for dining, entertainment,

or other social activity while conducting the hybrid meeting.


In front of the stage, tables and chairs can be set up comprising:

Theater setting, max. 450 persons.  |   Round tables, max. 140 persons.


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