The History

Historical buildings with character

The History


Over the years, PAKHUS11 and the surrounding buildings have had many different purposes.
The buildings that are now listed have been renovated, but many elements from their era have been preserved such as the central power station, the warehouse, the repair shop for carriages and wagons, and the smithy.

The history about Pakhuset & Smedjen

The entire area from Amerika Plads to Langelinie was constructed as a Free Port area in the late 1800s, where the old warehouses still bear witness to how goods from all over the world arrived to the area.


PAKHUS11 was originally built as an electrical power station by Vilhelm Dahlerup in 1894. Later, the building turned into a warehouse. In 1994, the building was listed and has hosted events ever since. Today, PAKHUS11 appears well preserved with its raw expression and historical charm. SMEDJEN is a separate part of PAKHUSET. This building also appears in its raw form


Today, PAKHUS11 is a unique venue that holds a lot of history, with an attractive location close to Copenhagen City center.

Over the years, PAKHUS11 has been gently renovated, preserving the original details. The old cranes are still hanging from the ceiling, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows provide a beautiful view of the harbor, just a few steps away.


PAKHUS11 has been a venue for more than 25 years and has hosted all kinds of events such as weddings,

concerts, theater performances, fashion shows, art shows and other business events.


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