The parties involved

Get inspired for your next event.

The rustic premises accommodate creativity and tailor-made events without restrictions.

The parties involved

About Showtech

Showtech, the supplier of stages, lighting and sound systems, provides professional events.

They have many years of experience with both major and minor productions,

and with a house full of creative souls within the event sphere, they deliver a complete set-up
- from project management to 3D visualizations as well as production.


Whether it is live music, fashion shows or product launches, Showtech guarantees a fantastic experience.


About Showtech

About Mad Synergi

Jeppe Graa and Astrid Mølgaard both live and work together on Mad Synergi, and are responsible for catering.

​Their concept is to create and run events and parties from 12 to several thousand people, which means that some days there are 45 employees at work and other days 300.


​No matter the size of the event, MadSynergi always ensures that food, decor, aesthetics, flow and logistics

work flawlessly together.


About MadSynergi