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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy for Pakhus 11


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer / smartphone / tablet when you visit a website.
Cookies are used for many purposes, as a website can read the contents of a cookie when you visit the website.

Cookies do not pose a threat to your computer / smartphone / tablet (such as a virus) and cookies do not access the programs on your computer / smartphone / tablet.


There are generally three types of cookies:
• A “session cookie”, which exists only while you are on a website and is deleted as soon as you leave the website.
• A “persistent cookie” that is stored on your computer / smartphone / tablet for an extended period of time.
• A ”3. party cookie ”, which is set by someone other than the owner of a website and is typically stored for a longer period of time.


Session cookie
This "only" lives while you are active on a website. For example, if you put items in a basket on a website, then
this is remembered between each page you visit. If you come back the next day, your basket will be empty.


Persistent cookie
In some cases, a website may choose to store information related to your visit for an extended period of time.
As in the example of a basket above, a website may choose to store information in a persistent cookie.
This means that if you come back several days after you put something in the basket on the website, it will still be in the basket.


3rd party cookie
If a website uses, for example, Google Analytics or Facebook "like buttons", then typically it will be saved
a 3rd party cookie from that company. This means that you first visit a website with a Facebook
just button and then another website with Facebook just button, so Facebook can now via this 3rd party
cookie track your move between the two websites.


At we use cookies for the various purposes listed below:


Google Analytics
At, we use Google Analytics to collect statistics to improve the use of statistics.
our website. Google Analytics collects data about which pages you visit, how long, which browser you use
uses etc. We do not directly send personal information to Google, but Google receives and processes your IP
address, which in some cases is also considered personal data.


Google Advertising
At, we use Google for advertising, especially the so-called AdWords, which is primarily
highlighting ads when searching directly at In order to measure the effect of this
advertising, a cookie ( is set that passes on information about which ad might be used.
was clicked to open the website. We do not send direct personal information to Google, but Google
receives and processes your IP address, which in some cases is also considered personal data.


At we use Facebook for advertising and marketing. This means that we have inserted code
on the website, which transmits information about your behavior on the website to Facebook. If you are logged in
into Facebook in the browser you are using, Facebook will associate this behavior with your personal
profile on Facebook. The purpose of providing this information to Facebook is to be able to show you targeted
ads and marketing on Facebook's platforms, including Instagram. Facebook thus gets access to
behavioral data that they use to profile you on their platforms.


At, we use YouTube as video streaming services for viewing videos. Do you visit one of the
the pages where a video is placed, YouTube will set a 3rd party cookie. When you click play on a video set
streaming service additional cookies with information about the playback. has influence
on the content and use of these cookies.


How to opt out of cookies
If you do not want cookies stored on your computer / smartphone / tablet, you can reject them by changing
settings in your browser. Please note that if you reject cookies from the website will not work properly.
To reject cookies in your browser or to delete cookies already created, we refer to the following
guides based on which browser you are using. Note: The linked texts are in English:

The collection of information on is done within the framework of the applicable at any time
legislation and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Should you have any questions for ours
processing of personal data, please feel free to contact us at the following:


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